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Are you around couples who, despite their attempts at rekindling their earlier feelings for each other, no longer want to share their lives and want a divorce?

By referring these couples to a well-established online divorce service (which costs just $159 for a full divorce) you will enable them to divorce without the crippling cost of lawyers' fees, and you will also earn $50 for doing so!


How Does This Work?

This is what is known as an affiliate program. An affiliate program is a win-win arrangement between an online supplier of a product or service, and someone (the affiliate) who can provide people who wish to use that product or service. Many large online corporations use affiliate programs, as well as medium sized companies. Amazon's affiliate program (or "associate program" as they call it) is probably the oldest established program of its type.

Affiliate programs simply put together the people who provide a service with the people who can use the service, and upon every successful transaction the affiliate gets a percentage commission for being responsible for that sale.

Individual affiliates are identified by having their own affiliate link. When a sale is made by someone buying the service through your own unique affiliate link you will be identified as the person who caused that sale to happen, so you will get the commission. The affiliate commission of each successful divorce in this program is $50, so you will be paid $50 whenever a sale is made through your own affiliate link.

This divorce affiliate program is available for any couple seeking a consensual divorce (where both parties agree to the divorce) in any state in the United States and in all provinces and territories in Canada. The divorce papers for the state or territory where the divorcing couple live can be downloaded by the couple directly from the divorce site, together with full instructions about how to fill in the forms (a telephone helpline is also available for anyone seeking extra help). The divorce papers can be filled in from home, then filed at the couple's local courthouse. There is no need for an attorney to be present, or to be involved at any stage (hence no lawyer fees!) and there is no need to attend a court hearing.

With an online divorce there is no stress and no huge amount in attorney's charges to pay. The whole divorce costs the couple just $159. It is also a very speedy process. We have had some couples divorce within 24 hours of completing their paperwork.

As the affiliate who introduced the divorcing couple to this online divorce program you will earn $50 for each successful case. Payment is made monthly into your checking account or by Paypal.


Your Own Website

We are looking for people who are likely to make contact with couples who are seeking to divorce but who do not want to pay huge sums of money to lawyers in order to be free and single again.

Are you a marriage guidance counsellor, perhaps, and see lots of people who just cannot reconcile themselves to remain in a failed marriage? Are you in a local social group where you could help others find a way to divorce without bankrupting themselves? Or perhaps you work in human resources or a similar role and come into contact with people on a daily basis. If you find yourself in a position to give advice then you might also consider this as an extra source of income.

We could build a website for you which is optimized for your own set of circumstances. We are actively looking for affiliates who could be of help to those seeking an amicable (an inexpensive) divorce, and we would build you your own divorce-related website (very similar to this one) which will be pre-populated with your own unique affiliate link. You will then direct the divorcing couple towards your website and when they click on your link you will get the credit for the sale as long as the divorce proceeds successfully.

Your website will be highly optimized to your own set of circumstances, whether it be demographic, your city, your occupation, your social or interest group. The more specific this area can be, the higher it will likely rank in the search engine results pages. In other words, if you were based in, for example, Fresno in California, then your website would be tightly optimized for Fresno, California. Or if you are in the kind of industry where working hours are difficult and prone to break marriages for this reason, the content of your website could highlight these obstacles to relationships and then provide an inexpensive solution if the relationship fails.

The more the specific focus of the website, the greater the chance of it being near the top of the first page of the search results for anyone typing a specific set of search terms into into a search engine like Google. The higher up a site's rankings, the more people are likely to see it and the more likely people will be to use the service.

Also, remember that this is not about the hard sell. Divorce isn't entered into lightly (neither is marriage, nor should it be). It is simply enough to recommend the existence of a fast, stress-free service to end the unhappiness without huge expense that will always be there when it's needed.

Of course, you are not limited to state or city or occupational group. Even if your site was optimised for something specific, that won't mean that you couldn't refer people you happened to meet who were from outside of that city or interest group who wanted to use the service as well. The optimized website is simply an enhancement so that you can achieve more success and reach more people than you otherwise would.

The website we will build for you will be similar to this one. It would be user-friendly and responsive to all devices (it'll look great in mobile as well as desktop and laptop formats) and will provide all the information which the divorcing couples will need. The website will be provided for you - if you want one - free of charge. You will only need to pay for the hosting (from about $3.99 a month).

Of course, you don't have to have your own website if you don't want one. But it will increase your chances of earning more money (see above). And of course you will need somewhere to put your affiliate link so that people can click on it!

The free website offer is limited to people who sign up for their affiliate links from this website. In order to do that, enter your name and best email address below, and your unique link will be sent to you. (Affiliate Full Disclosure: the owners of this website will receive a 5% commission on each commission you generate, but you will receive 100% of the whole $50 commission due to you nevertheless, as our $2.50 will come directly from the operator of the divorce service itself).








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